TAM injection techniques are an important part of the services offered at Harrison waterproofing who are an authorised repair specialist.

The sight of water penetrating through thick brickwork or concrete can present a daunting prospect.

If this is a situation you think you may be facing at some point in the future, you may want to keep our contact number handy.

At Harrison Waterproofing, as long time, authorised TAM injection repair specialists, we’ve successfully repaired water leakage in basements, lift pits, concrete and brick tunnels, bridges, concrete reservoirs, multistory car parks and shafts.

Our skilled Operatives can resolve such problems within minutes using TAM injections.

The TAM injections process involves the injection of a fast setting, hydraulic compound into the areas around the leak. When subjected to constant water pressure the compound not only expands slightly but actually becomes harder. When applied expertly, it will stop seepage or running water almost immediately. It can even be applied under water!