Tanking is a term used to describe a process used to prevent damp or water penetrating through walls. It is therefore frequently the technique chosen for basements, lift pits, underground vaults and swimming pools. This is true for both new build and existing structures.

Having installed this type of system in a range of historic and prestigious building, this is an area of work where we believe we have unparalleled experience. In addition to the Clients mentioned on the home page we have also provided tanking systems for over thirty borough councils, every major bank and for the underground car parks at Bluewater, Europe’s largest shopping complex in Kent.

Sika Tanking

Tanking – our expertise in this field is recognised by Sika Ltd, the UK’s leading producer of cementitious waterproofing systems, who in addition to recommending us to their customers, use pictures taken of our work at Wellington Arch to illustrate their brochure.

During the past 40 years we’ve installed the Sika waterproofing system in basements, lift pits, underground tunnels, bridges, reservoirs and swimming pools.

As a result, our confidence in our provision of the system is such that in addition to our company guarantee, we are also able to offer an independent, insurance backed, 10 YEAR GUARANTEE.

We therefore welcome tenders for any size of waterproofing contract.

As in all things in life, sound preparation is vital and before cement render can take place all surfaces must be keyed. This we achieve using Bush Hammering for walls and scabbling to floors.

Thereafter the actual waterproofing process is complex and the detail illustrates the integration of coats and customised elements required to ensure a 100% sealed environment is created.