Harrison Waterproofing are approved contractors for RIW Waterproofing offer a range of products for structural waterproofing, basement tanking and damp proof membranes.

The name RIW waterproofing come from an advert slogan first used in 1921 called ‘Remember It’s Waterproof’

The images on this page show a recent project using RIW product, Sheetsteel 226 which is ideal as a water and water vapour barrier. The product is a cold applied, high density polyethylene film, coated with a bitumen/rubber self-adhesive layer with a removable reinforced silicon paper. RIW Sheetsteel Primer is a bitumen solution.

This product is ideal for waterproofing and vapour proofing basements and sub-structures, ground floors, reservoirs and retaining walls and it can be applied to concrete, masonry, steel, timber and insulation boards.