Epoxy resin repairs are one of the range of tools and techniques that we have perfected over the years to enable us to confidently tackle almost every type of timber problem at Harrison Waterproofing.

Where faced with joist end decay on major or bressumer timbers, that are required to be retained, one of our fail-safe techniques is the use of Epoxy Resin Repairs. This provides a repair that is actually stronger than the original timber!

Additionally, because careful application can replicate the host timber colour and grain, this type of repair is also popular where, for aesthetic reasons, it’s required to retain the original timber profile.

One of our recent projects using Epoxy resin repairs techniques was restoring a 100 year old bandstand in Ruskin Park, South London. New remoulded timber was created fixing the damaged timber using carbon rods and Epoxy resin, blending into the sound original wood.

During the last 40 years, Harrison Waterproofing has developed a range of tools and techniques that enable us to confidently tackle almost every type of timber problem.

The use of Epoxy Resin repair is well known for its effectiveness in structural timber repairs, due to the nature of the substance and its level of resistance to damp and fungal attack. Resin repair is often the most effective course of action when it comes to structural timber faults.