Although concrete should be built to last, concrete repair is required where the influence of various environmental, chemical and physical factors have caused damage and deterioration. It is essential therefore to carry out maintenance periodically to maintain the integrity of buildings and to keep the people and contents within them safe.

We use high quality concrete repair materials and protective systems to strengthen and prolong the life of a structure. Investing in concrete repair and protection can save on future costs and prevent the need for demolishing and rebuilding structures that could have been saved.

Whether it is for cosmetic reasons or for structural reasons, Harrison Waterproofing has the skills and experience to deliver all your waterproofing repair requirements and to keep your project on track.

At Harrison Waterproofing we always aim to use environmentally friendly, water-based, low hazard products such as Flexcrete, which don’t release any hazardous solvents when applied and are low odour.

We use structural repair mortars, which we can apply up to 1cm in one application and fast setting mortars which are ideal for use in heavily trafficked areas, where reinstatement needs to be done quickly. For low concrete cover we use cementitious coatings, where a 2mm application is equal to 1cm of good concrete cover and has a low permeability to water. For decorative finishes , we use weatherproof anti carbonation coatings which provide protection against damage from carbon dioxide, water and oxygen.

We have an outstanding track record on concrete repair and can be relied on with absolute confidence.