Cavity Drain Membrane (CDM) waterproofing systems are generally recommended to control water ingress or damp where water pressure is particularly high, where noise and dust are likely to cause concern or where it is required to retain the existing features of a building.

Cavity Drain Membrane applications are extremely effective systems which utilises an ‘egg box’ style design, cavity drainage membrane. The cavity drain membrane allows any water penetrating through the fabric of the building, to flow in a controlled manner behind the final wall covering, into concealed irrigation channels and thereafter into a sump. The water is then pumped into standard drainage exits.

Installing cavity drain membrane, is an area of work that we pride ourselves in. We are confident in our high standards and we therefore offer a 10 year guarantee.

In addition to our extensive experience, our confidence is based on the fact that we are authorised and recommended by the major Cavity Drain Membrane waterproofing system manufacturers in Britain.

It is further demonstrated by our continued contracts for this type of work, with several large construction industry companies.

As a testament to our waterproofing capabilities, we were chosen from a hugely competitive field to undertake the sensitive and complex task of waterproofing beautiful Kensington Palace.

Have a look at our case study to find out more about how we controlled the heavy water flow in the basement using this system.