Case Study Hertfordshire

Gunite is a sprayed-on concrete material that’s commonly used either to create a robust lining for otherwise fragile structures, or with a framework grid, including steel reinforcing rods (rebar), to form the walls of a swimming pool. The tough finished lining is created by combining a dry Gunite mix with water just before spraying, (the dry process).

The Gunite mix is stored in a hopper and fed by compressed air, through a delivery hose, to a nozzle where it’s mixed with water immediately before spraying. The application is quite an art as one false move often means that blockages will occur. Our experienced Nozzle Operators are therefore always in demand.

During our construction of a luxury indoor pool in leafy Hertfordshire, Gunite was sprayed onto the framework grid for the pool. The Gunite mix bonded to the rebar and layer upon layer built up to form a tough structural shell. A benefit of this form of design is that all the plumbing can be installed prior to Gunite application.

In addition to pool forming, today Gunite is used in a vast range of applications including tunnel lining, pipe lining, pile lining and fire protection. Here at Harrison Waterproofing, the most common demand is for us to re-enforce existing underground earth retaining wall structures prior to waterproofing.

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