During the last 26 years Harrison Preservation Ltd. has developed a range of tools and techniques that enable us to confidently tackle almost every type of timber problem.

Where faced with joist end decay on major or bressumer timbers, that are required to be retained, one of our fail-safe techniques is the use of Epoxy Resin Repair. This provides a repair that is actually stronger than the original timber!

Additionally, because careful application can replicate the host timber colour and grain, this type of repair is also popular where, for aesthetic reasons, it’s required to retain the original timber profile.

One of our recent projects was restoring a 100 year old bandstand in Ruskin Park, South London. The pictures above show the new remoulded timber, fixed by carbon rods and epoxy resin, blending into the sound original wood.

The picture above right, shows Simon, our Project Manager, shaking hands with the Friends of the Park Chairperson at the grand re-opening.

The detail left shows the carbon rods fixed into new timber and awaiting epoxy resin to be applied to the existing timber slots.

The detail right illustrates the shuttered existing timber receiving the epoxy resin, appropriately coloured to match, when dry, the original timber.

Cavity Membrane

This extremely effective system utilises an ‘egg box’ style design.
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Concrete Repair

We have processes to prevent damp or water penetrating walls.
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Dry & Wet Rot

Wet Rot can usually be dealt with by removing the source of dampness.
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Epoxy Resin

One of our fail-safe techniques is the use of Epoxy Resin Repair.
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Rising Damp

This is an aspect of home ownership that affects millions of properties in the UK.
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Tam Injections

Harrison Waterproofing are authorised TAM injection repair specialists.
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With a CDM system any moisture is allowed to pass through the masonry.
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We are able select the most appropriate treatment where Woodworm is found.
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